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Aphrodite Giant

Aphrodite Giant

Originating from Cyprus, the Aphrodite giant cat is one of the oldest domestic breeds in the world. This breed of cat is also called the Cyprus cat. They are very friendly and have accompanied humans through civilization for hundreds of years.

As you can tell from their name, the Aphrodite giant is a big cat. They get attached to people very easily and forms very strong special bonds. Furthermore, their active nature makes them a great pet for large loving families.

Before you think of getting one, you should do your research, and we're glad to say that this article consists of everything you need to know about Aphrodite giant cats!

Which Homes Are Best

This feline friend of yours will grow quite big as she becomes an adult, so you do need some space in your home. Having a good amount of space so that the cat can play around is an absolute must.

In addition to that, the Aphrodite giant needs to be in an environment where they are mentally stimulated because they are a very smart cat. Hence, large family homes with children are a great match for this breed.


The Aphrodite giants are usually healthy cats and do not encounter a lot of health issues during their lifespan. Each cat, even of the same breed, will have a different lifespan depending on their health and the environment that cat is brought up in.

To give you a rough idea, Aphrodite giants have a lifespan ranging from 12 to 15 years. This is just about the average lifespan of most domestic cats. The Aphrodite giants living in the wild may have a shorter lifetime due to predators.

Average Size

The ‘giant’ in this breed’s name already says that they are big cats. The exact size may vary from cat to cat, but the average height is about 13 to 14 inches, which is greater than the average height of most cats. They take quite a long time to mature completely – about 4 to 5 years.

For the cat’s greater height, they have their long legs to thank. The weight of Aphrodite giants varies a lot with their gender, with males being heavier than females. The female cats aren't very heavy, weighing between 11 to 15 lbs. On the other hand, male Aphrodite giants are typically heavy, weighing between 22 to 25 lbs.

We would say that this breed has a medium-sized tail that consists of a lot of furs and makes them look longer. Without their tail, the Aphrodite giant is usually about 13 to 18 inches long.

Breed Background

Breed Origin

This breed originates from Cyprus, as you can tell from its second name, which is the Cyprus cat. They are one of the two breeds of cats from Cyprus that occurred naturally without any need for human intervention. Although this breed was found in most places in Cyprus, a large portion of these cats lived in the mountainous regions.

Original Gene Pool

As we have mentioned before, the Aphrodite giants are probably the oldest domestic cat breed in the world. While we can't pinpoint exactly when this breed was created, scientists have said that they have been around for about 10,000 years!

Because these cats originate from thousands of years ago, we do not know much about their original gene pool. However, some comparable breeds to the Aphrodite giant are the Turkish Van and Egyptian Mau cats.

Breed Founder

As you may know, the Aphrodite giants are naturally-occurring cat breeds, which means they were not founded due to human intervention. This is why there is no breed founder of the Aphrodite giant. However, you should know that regardless of being around since 7500 BC, they were first shown in a local formal setting in 2007.

It took some time to get this breed recognized by the WCF. They were finally recognized with the name Aphrodite giant in 2012.


If you have seen an Aphrodite giant cat in your life, you know that they are big kitties! With their long front and hind legs, this cat walks very gracefully. They are also a very strong cat as they originate from the wild, where they had to stalk and hunt their prey. The Aphrodite Giant also has longer legs because those helped them travel through mountainous areas.


You might be surprised to know that the Aphrodite giant’s hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs, so it’s easier for the cat to hunt. Along with their long legs, they also have a very muscular and long torso, which makes them a powerful cat.

These cats also have a very large and strong bone frame. If this breed is properly fed, then they shouldn't have much fat and instead should be very muscular because they are moderately active.

Both shorthaired and longhaired types of Aphrodite giant cats exist, but the longhaired type actually has medium-long hair. The cat’s fur coat is very thick and soft, which makes petting a very calming experience for both you and the cat. To protect themselves from the cold, in winter, this breed also grows out an undercoat.

This dense fur coat comes in all different colors except a few. These exceptions include cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, pointed, and fawn. Their eyes also come in almost all colors, but usually, they will be either light blue, deep blue, green, or light yellow.

The coat pattern may also be of different types, but typically they either have a solid color or are bicolor.

Aphrodite giants have a triangular-shaped head with two high and pointy ears but a slightly rounded forehead. Their eyes are oval or can be said to have somewhat of an olive-like shape. The Aphrodite Giant also has a long neck and a strong chin which helps them look for what they want easily.


While the appearance of your pet cat may be important to you, and you might want the cutest cat in the world, in the long run, the personality of the cat ends up mattering more. You want to ensure that your personality will match your cat's.

In the case of Aphrodite giants, they are moderately active cats that love to play around, and they NEED their owners' attention. However, this breed is also calm sometimes and will love to curl up with you and be your partner when you are tired.

This is a very intelligent cat which makes playtime a very pleasant experience. Furthermore, they will catch up with all the games and tricks you want to teach them fairly quickly. While this cat loves to get their household members' affection, they will also love you back a lot and will form a very special bond in a short time.

Indoors or Outdoors

Since Aphrodite giants did live in the wild mountainous areas of Cyprus, they are well accustomed to living outdoors. However, they do not have any issues with living indoors, and will make a great house cat. This breed is quite laid back a lot of the time and will love to just lay on your lap for hours at a time.

If you’re getting an Aphrodite giant, you just have to ensure that your house has enough room for them to play around. You can take these feline friends out with you on trips, and you can let them play outside with toys as well without stressing about them getting harmed.


In general, Aphrodite giants are very gentle cats, and won't bother you a lot by making a lot of noise. This cat doesn’t meow a lot or get very angry at small things. You just have to give them the attention that they need. Failure to do so will end up affecting their mood negatively and will probably make them noisier.

They are quite an intelligent cat and so have no issues in delivery litters, but if they do have any problems, the Aphrodite Giant will communicate with you by meowing.


Because the Aphrodite giant originates from the wild, some of you may assume that they like to stay in solitude. But the reality is that they hate to stay alone and are a very social cat. As we have said before, they are very emotionally attached to their household members, and are also very welcoming to outsiders.


While the Aphrodite giant does love to cuddle up and do nothing sometimes, they are very smart and is quite the entertaining pet for the most part. You will not have to work too much to teach them how to do tricks, and these cats also learn how to play games in a short time.

Since the Aphrodite Giant has a history of hunting, they naturally have a very sharp brain which leads them to be active sometimes. Because of their smartness, these cats will find a way to keep your whole house entertained with new tricks and games every day. At times, you will also find them relaxing and spend the afternoon just napping.


This breed is very calm sometimes, but they also love playing around the house. As we have said, you must keep the cat's brain stimulated for them to be in a good mood, and you have to pet the cat, so your pet knows you're giving them attention.

However, you don't have to worry about spending hours just playing with them; they are not that pushy and needy. Get smart cat toys and games that will keep them as well as you entertained.

If you end up with an Aphrodite giant as your pet, then try to invest in a feeding station and interactive treat toys. These are important because this breed is used to hunting their prey, so it gives the cat the feeling of earning their food.


While the Aphrodite Giant cats play by themselves sometimes, they enjoy playing with humans and other pets even more. This cat’s need for attention and love makes them very sociable, and this is why they will even be very nice to any guests.

This cat loves to feel involved in the family, which is why eventually, you will think of them as no less than an actual family member!


Some may think that because the Aphrodite giant is a big cat, they might not be great with kids. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. This gentle cat will never cause any harm to your children and will be the perfect feline friend to them. They will accompany your kids throughout the day, from playtime to naptime.

Other Animals

With an Aphrodite giant, you don't have to worry about them causing any fights with your other pets; at least you won’t find them starting any fights. Just like how this breed is playful with humans, they also love to play around with other animals, which include even dogs.

Breed Predisposed Ailments

There aren't any genetic illnesses that you need to be on the look for with Aphrodite giants. They have a very average lifespan, but most of the time, these cats aren't affected by any special diseases. Regardless of that, you should take them to a vet for routine checkups.

Sometimes Aphrodite giants can become obese if they are overfed. Another thing you have to be cautious about is ear canal infections, which are fairly common amongst a lot of cats.

  • Obesity due to overfeeding
  • Ear Canal Infections


So that your Aphrodite giant feels comfortable and looks graceful at all times, you will need to do some grooming which some people may find annoying. The grooming routine will depend on whether your cat is shorthair or longhair, and the season also affects them.


Aphrodite giants shed quite a bit, so brushing your cat regularly is a must. Most of the time, you will be fine if you brush the cat about twice every week. However, during molting season or winter, you will have to brush them on alternate days because they shed more then.

Due to their thick coat, you will have to take some time to brush to ensure you get all the dead fur. This also makes sure your house doesn’t have fur everywhere.


Although this breed usually doesn't get any special diseases, they do face common health problems such as ear infections. When you're brushing your cat, check their ears as well for any dirt that could lead to an infection. Just wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth, and your cat should be fine.


Aphrodite giants are pretty rare, and there aren't many breeders. Due to the Aphrodite Giant’s rarity, this pet can be a bit expensive. Also, you need to buy some things, including a feeding station which can add to the expense.

Cost of Kittens

A lot of people are still unaware of Aphrodite giant cats which is why they are not as popular, and the demand is not as high as popular kittens such as the Ragdoll. However, the rarity does still make them a fairly pricey pet. These kittens will cost about $850 or more, depending on the availability and quality.

Although this is very unlikely to happen, you can check animal shelters for these kittens. Adopting them instead of purchasing from breeders will be cheaper and will also clear up a spot in the animal shelter.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong, athletic, and doesn’t get sick easily
  • Will keep everyone entertained as they are playful, making them good for families
  • Able to form strong emotional attachments and so will be a loyal feline friend
  • Very sweet and loves the attention of their family
  • Soft and thick fur makes petting them a great feeling


  • Needs to be brushed regularly
  • Recommended to live in a large space, which means they aren't the best choice for people in small apartments
Height: 13 to 14 inches
Weight: 11-15 lbs for females, 22 to 25 lbs for males
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Colors: All colors except cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, pointed, and fawn
Suitable For: Families, houses
Temperament: Sociable, strong athletic, healthy, playful, loyal, sweet

Final Thoughts

For all of you people who love big cats, the Aphrodite giant is a breed you should take into consideration. This breed’s sweet and loyal characteristics combined with their intellect and playful personality make them the best option for large families.

We hope we were able to give you a good insight into the Aphrodite giant breed, so you can now decide whether they are a good match for you or not!