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Can Cats Eat Cheerios

Can Cats Eat Cheerios

You might have heard about Honey nut cheerios, one of the favorite American cereal brands. They have an excellent, sweet taste and are easy treats to give to your cat or dog. So, can cats eat cheerios?

The simple answer is yes; cats can eat cheerios. They are not harmful to cats, but on the other hand, they lack any beneficial ingredients. Their constant overconsumption is not good and causes health risks. They might put your kitty’s life in danger.

Probably, you want to know more about this topic. If so, we are here to provide you with complete detail in this regard. So, let’s start.

Is It Okay to Feed Your Cat Cheerios?

Well, you can share one or two cheerios with your cat. They are harmless unless your cat has sugar or gluten sensitivity. But it doesn’t mean cheerios are an excellent snack for cats. Not at all. That’s because of the ingredients they contain, like gluten and artificial sugars. Their consumption for a long time is unhealthy for your pet.

Is Sugar Harmful to Cats?

You might wonder, what makes cheerios sweet? That’s the honey that is added while making their recipe. Alongside, added sugars or sugar replacements are also used to enhance sweetness.

Some kinds of artificial sugars are harmful to cats. For instance, sucralose can cause gastrointestinal upset in your cat. Cats can’t process sugar well because their systems are not made to deal with it. Therefore, consuming too much sugar might cause a severe upset stomach.

Keep an eye on your cat to know if he has overconsumed the sugar. Symptoms of overconsumption might include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Tooth decay
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes

Dangers of Feeding Your Cats Grains

Compared to sugars, grains are not much harmful to felines. They don’t break properly in your cat’s system. Therefore, they act as fillers. Grains are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals your cat requires.

But as they act as fillers, your cat can’t get a proper nutritional meal because of them. Consequently, he feels full because of grains and eats less.

Cat’s Natural Diet

Cats are obligate carnivores, so their good protein source for survival is a carnivorous diet. That’s why wild cats consume animals that they hunt as prey.

So, it’s not recommended to feed a raw diet to your domesticated cats. Therefore, try feeding them the food which is suitable for them. Cats barely need to eat any fruits and vegetables; however, they naturally eat some plants found in their prey’s digestive system.

That’s why cheerios are not a healthy option for cats, as they cause more harm instead of providing benefits.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Cheerios for Cats?

As you know, fibrous foods are not for cats. However, a small amount of fiber in a whole grain cereal such as cheerios might be helpful in digestion. Consuming dietary fiber is suitable for your cat if he suffers from digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion.

Your pet’s good digestive health is essential as it reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Feeding some healthy fruits and vegetables like apples and baby carrots provide fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that aren’t present in cheerios.

But unfortunately, feeding large amounts of empty calories like cheerios can leads to digestive problems. Gastrointestinal issues are common in cats who consume a high amount of delicious breakfast cereal.

Can Cats Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

No, cats can’t eat honey nut cheerios, and cat owners are not recommended to share them with their pets. That’s because of the high amount of sugar and fats in the nuts. Too much sugar cause diabetes and obesity. Besides, your cat might end up with pancreatitis because of consuming too much fat.

Honey and added sugar are what make these cheerios so tasty. But diabetes, weight gain, and other health problems can occur in cats because of sugar. They also have almond flavorings that are unsuitable for your cat’s health.

In addition, homey nut cheerios lack substance like meat which is an integral part of your cat’s diet. Being carnivores, they don’t eat breakfast cereal in the morning. So, meat is quite crucial for them.

If you want to give these cheerios to your cat, give them only as an occasional treat and not regularly. Eating honey nut cheerios regularly causes nutritional deficiency and other health issues in felines. It’s better to feed your cat dry cereal instead of milk, as dairy is not suitable for cats.

Honey nut cheerios are unlikely to cause digestive discomfort or diarrhea in cats unless they overconsume them. But it’s better to observe your cat after his cereal ingestion.

Can Cats Eat Cereal?

Well, yes, cats can eat cereal. The cereal is relatively small to fit in your cat’s mouth and your pet can easily chew it, even though it’s a bit crunchy. However, it’s quite soft compared to dry cat food as it becomes wet because of your cat’s saliva.

Apart from its nutritional value, cereal is a cat-sized food. The chance of choking in cats is quite rare, which only happens if he won’t chew it properly. Even though your cat can eat cereal, however, it’s not a snack of choice for him.

Can Cats Eat Dry Cereal?

As cats are lactose intolerant, you might have assumed that cereal is healthy for cats without milk. But it’s important to mention that even dry cereal is unsuitable for felines.

Feeding dry cereal means you will not be offering lactose-intolerant cat milk, which can cause stomach pain and vomiting. However, milk is not the only problem in the case of cereal. Some other ingredients found in cereal aren’t suitable for cats. These ingredients may vary depending on the cereal’s type and brand; many contain carbs.

Cats don’t require carbs in their diet. Their bodies are not made to process carbohydrates. Unlike humans, felines can’t use carbs as a source of energy. Therefore, they cause more harm than providing benefits to your furry friend. Regardless of what food you are feeding them, keep in mind that cats’ bodies are not the same as humans. So, your cat’s preferences are quite different from ours.

Can Cats Eat Whole Wheat Cheerios?

Whole wheat or whole grain cheerios are suitable for those people who want some alternative to normal cereal. However, they aren’t healthier compared to regular cheerios.

Some of the ingredients of these cheerios are:

  • Whole grain corn
  • Whole grain oats
  • Whole grain rice
  • Brown sugar syrup
  • Corn Starch
  • Salt

Whole wheat oats are composed of a variety of whole grains, such as corn, oats, and rice. As grain oats are not an essential requirement of your pet’s diet. They are empty calories and can cause these issues for a short time:

  • Allergies
  • Food intolerance
  • Make your cat’s skin dry and flaky, causing itching
  • Affect the quality of a cat’s fur, including its shine and thickness

These cheerios are made particularly for humans and not for cats. They contain most ingredients that your cat doesn’t need at all.

Things To Consider

Feeding cats cheerios for the long-term result in numerous problems. As they lack any nutritional benefits and don’t meet your cat’s daily dietary needs, he might suffer from deficiencies. In the worst-case scenario, feeding cheerios to your cat make him obese. Obese cats suffer from other problems like heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Besides, there are several cheerios products that you shouldn’t feed your cat. These include Frosted cheerios, Dulce de leche cheerios, honey nut cheerios, or chocolate cheerios. Instead, go for those options that are lower in sugar and added flavors.

Final Thoughts

In the end, giving your cat cheerios is not recommended as their adverse effects are more than the benefits. If you overconsume honey nut cheerios, your cat might have numerous health issues. Similarly, whole wheat cheerios contain ingredients that aren’t good for cats.

In case of any issue resulting from consuming cheerios, it’s important to rescue cats immediately. Also, call your vet to get some advice without wasting time.

FAQs Related to Feeding Cats Cheerios

Can Cats Eat Chocolate Cheerios?

Although regular cheerios are not harmful to cats, some cheerio flavors are unsuitable. Chocolate cheerios are poisonous to cats, so you should not feed these to your cat. A toxic compound called theobromine is found in chocolate, which is why it is lethal to cats.
Dark chocolate and even unsweetened baking chocolate are quite dangerous for cats. They might undergo abnormal heart rhythms, tremors, seizures, and even death if consumed.

How Much Cheerios Can Cats Eat?

There is no need to worry about how much cheerios cats can eat. Because in the first place, your cat shouldn’t eat cheerios at all.
But if your cat has managed to consume a small number of cheerios, they won’t harm him. They become dangerous if your cat eats them regularly and in large amounts. Therefore, eating cheerios as an occasional treat won’t cause any harm. However, there can be a problem like diarrhea if your cat is not used to eating cereal.

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