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Can cats eat sausages

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The thought of giving healthy food to cats always keeps a pet owner in a continuous state of unrest. They have many questions to ask but find no one to answer.

Understanding the need for an inquiry about healthy cat foods, we have come up with the topic “Can cats eat sausage?” So read the blog till the end to know all about sausages and cats.

Can cats eat sausage?

Sausage is a meat product made of minced meat of pork, poultry, or beef and is cylindrical. It is available in raw form in grocery stores. It is one of the humans’ most loved meat products that is often consumed at breakfast and dinner.

Now let’s come to cats eating sausage.

Cats can eat sausage. Cats are obligate carnivores. Meat is a significant part of the cat’s diet, and sausage is all red meat. They are better than some cat food brands that include grains in the cat food they sell.

Still, when cat owners feed sausage to cats, there are several things that they must consider before making them a part of the cat’s natural diet.

Are sausages good for the cat’s health?

This human food is good for cats but if given in moderation. Sausage is an excellent cat food because of several reasons.

  • It contains saturated fat and trans fats that are generally not good for cats.
  • As it is processed meat, it contains salt and spices as well.
  • Some sausages may also contain onion or garlic powder.
  • Most sausages contain preservatives to keep them fresh and increase the shelf life.

Due to these reasons, feeding your cat sausages regularly is not good. It can cause many health problems, but they are suitable for cats in an adequate amount.

What are the risks of feeding your cat sausage?

Sausages are made up of different types of processed meats. Processed meats are not suitable for cats and must not be a part of their regular diet. Small quantities are OKAY for cats to consume, but they become risky for cats’ health in large amounts. Let’s uncover some of the risks.

  • Salt poisoning

Most sausage contains too much salt. Though humans do not find it excess, the excess salt is bad for cats. If such sausages are fed to cats regularly, it will lead to salt poisoning. Its symptoms include excessive urination, lethargy, thirst, lack of coordination, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe conditions, cats can even die.

  • Fat content and weight gain

Sausage is all meat. It contains trans fat and saturated fat. Too much intake of fats can cause obesity in felines. Obese felines are less active because of difficulty in walking.

  • Preservatives

Preservatives are harmful chemicals. Most sausages in grocery stores contain nitrate and other preservatives, which are toxic to cats.

  • Salmonella poisoning

Salmonella is a harmful bacteria. When food contaminated with it is ingested, it causes fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. Mostly, raw foods are its habitat.

When cats eat raw sausage, there are chances that they might have swallowed the bacteria as well. So, in such cases, cats suffer from salmonella poisoning.

  • It contains garlic and onion powder

Some sausages contain garlic and onion powder. Both are toxic to cats. They can potentially destroy the red blood cells of cats and cause anemia. If sausages have these two members of the allium family, do not feed them to your cat.

Being a pet owner, always be vigilant about the risk associated with certain foods. It is better to take veterinary guidance before feeding both wet and dry food to your furry friend.

How many sausages can a cat consume?

Generally, 90% of cats’ diet includes meat. Only 10% is for other treats. A small piece of sausage for an adult cat is considered a reasonable amount. Ten grams per day without spices and other toxic seasonings is the moderate limit for an adult cat. More can cause digestive issues.

Health benefits of cats eating sausage

In moderation, sausages are suitable for cats. They have many health benefits that are highlighted below.

  1. Rich source of protein

Sausages are made of red meat, and cats are the meat hunters. They love sausage. It is a rich source of protein that provides all the amino acids that cats require.

  1. Give energy to felines

Sausages have calories that give energy to cats. This energy keeps them in staying active and healthy.

  • Natural meat

Sausages are made from natural meat. That is why they are much better than many cat food brands. In addition to meat, the brands contain grains that are not so good for cats. But sausages are best for cats crazy for meat if the risks are lowered.

According to the cat’s dietary requirements, these benefits make sausages a healthy treat if made at home.

Can cats eat chicken sausage?

The short answer is YES. You would be glad to know that chicken sausage is the best choice among all the sausages. It contains little salt, which means less sodium, low-fat content, and spices, making it healthier than regular sausage.

Normally cooked sausage contains extra fats due to the oil used for frying. Avoid using oil while cooking the chicken sausage is recommended as it becomes unhealthier.

Can cats eat raw sausage?

Well! Cats can eat raw sausage, but it can be risky. Sometimes harmful bacteria like salmonella grow on red meat. If you feed such a sausage to your best companion, it will suffer from Salmonella poisoning. So, take special care when providing cats with raw meat.

Can kittens eat cooked sausage?

Just like adult cats, kittens also are crazy for sausage. They are in the stage of growth and development. They require a healthy diet full of all the essential nutrients. Sausage is not a complete package for kittens. They need other nutrients too. Therefore, it is better to give sausage as a snack to kittens or take veterinary advice if you are still confused.

Can cats eat Italian sausage?

No, Cats cannot eat Italian sausage. It contains tons of spices, garlic, and salt. All these are not good for cats. They cause upset stomach, anemia, and sodium poisoning in cats. If these conditions are not treated, they can even take your feline’s life. So, Italian sausage is a good choice for humans but not cats.

How to feed your cat sausage?

The best sausage is the one with low sodium content and other seasonings, and the best way to serve it to the cat is described below:

  1. Remove the sausage casing first, as cats find it difficult to chew and swallow.
  2. Cook it properly.
  3. Then, cut it into one bite-sized piece.

Serve it to your furry companion. Look how simple it is.

Alternative healthy human foods that are good cat treats

Here is a list of healthy treats for cats

So feed your cats healthy meals.

Wrap up

Can cats eat sausage? In moderation, cats can eat sausage. The one with fewer spices and seasonings is the most cat friendly. Human wants tasty sausages, but cats don’t. They want a sausage. So make cat-friendly sausages at home and feed your cats a small bite-size sausage at a time. It will keep your cat healthy.

FAQ about cats eating sausage

Which is good for cats: Raw meat or processed meat?

Processed meat contains preservatives and spices that are not good for the cat’s digestive system. On the other hand, raw meat is harmful because it might have Salmonella bacterium, which causes cats diarrhea, vomiting, and other serious issues. So both are not good if given as such. But if you cook raw meat properly according to your cat’s needs, it is much better than processed meat.

Can sausages kill a cat?

It depends upon the condition. If your cat is eating sausages daily, which has caused any health issue, for instance, organ failure due to the accumulation of preservatives in its body, death can occur.
But the condition can be controlled if your cat shows minor symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea and receives proper treatment on time. To avoid severe conditions, it is advised to feed only a moderate amount of sausage to your cat.

What to do if cats eat sausages in excess?

Furry friends love sausages, and they sometimes eat an excess of it if left unattended. In such cases, first, observe for the symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, etc. If yes, then take them immediately to a vet for adequate treatment.

Can cats eat pork sausage?

Pork sausage contains a lot of fat. Such a high-fat content leads to weight gain and other health issues. Therefore, it is better not to feed your cat pork sausage.

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