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Cats That Sleep on Their Back

Cats That Sleep on Their Back

Most felines enjoy all types of sleeping positions, and your kitty may prefer to try some unique sleeping habits. Though cats are pretty expressive with their sleeping postures, it is normal to encounter a cat sleeping on her back. 

Your cat may stretch out its legs in an astonishing way against its bed or simply desire to pull all paws up in the air to reveal its belly. At this moment, you may contemplate why does my cat sleep on her back? Well, you should be happy since this sleeping pattern might portray the importance of what your kitty feels for you. 

The Importance of a Cat Sleeping on Their Back

Initially, you may think that your cat sleeping on her back is normal and endearing. However, if your kitty often does it, it implies you should be attentive to what it wants to convey. 

A feline’s belly is quite a sensitive and vulnerable part of its body. They immediately safeguard their belly area when they run into fights and get attacked. Cats do this because predators can easily kill them if their belly is not protected. 

Thus, when your cat intentionally sleeps on her back, she is revealing her belly. Your pet truly trusts you when it voluntarily exposes itself in an unguarded position around you.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Her Back? Does It Mean Something?

Generally, cats spend most of their day sleeping. During this time, your kitty may prefer to sleep on its back. However, there is no scientific research that can answer the reason behind such behaviors of your feline. For this purpose, many cat lovers have shown various logical theories that may explain the correct reason for your cat’s sleeping patterns. Below are some most common reasons. 

Cat sleeping

1. Feeling Safe and Secure

Though, laying on the back is a vulnerable position for cats, if your cat willingly does so, it means she feels safe and secure in the environment. It does not anticipate any attack from you or others in your home. Also, if your cat is all jumpy and grumpy around others but exposes its belly in your presence, this showcases how comfortable it is in front of you. 

2. Feeling Comfortable

Your cat may find this posture quite comfortable. This is because sleeping on its back will allow it to be more stretchy, and hence it can rest its muscles more. 

Beyond this, it may desire to lay in warm sunlight while revealing its belly. Or, it may simply want to lie down on cool floors on blazing days. 

In addition, sleeping on their back is also beneficial for many cats. This is especially ideal for obese cats because sleeping on the back allows them to lift the heaviness of weight from their legs. Hence, they relax and sleep peacefully. 

3. Defensive Position

Though sleeping for long is loved by cats, sometimes they may be faking it. Mostly some felines love to pretend to be sleeping with revealing bellies. Adopting this posture, they wait for something or someone to touch them and are ready to defend themselves immediately with all paws to attack with their sharp teeth and claws. 

Cats utilize such a position to protect themselves from predators and can comfortably bite or scratch the attacker. Hence, if you run against such a position of your cat, avoid touching or rubbing its furry belly. Though it’s quite appealing, allow your cat its own time to relax and enjoy. 

4. Headaches or Tension 

Felines also switch to sleeping on their back when they experience headaches or tension. Doing this steers away from most muscle tension, which could otherwise make your cat uneasy. 

Your cat may appear to feel pain around its skull, neck, and face because of tension and stress. This might happen because of a poor diet, an injury, or a change of environment. 

Sleeping cat

5. Want to Cool Off

Due to very thick fluffy coats, felines feel a lot warmer. Laying on their backs lets them cool off. As a cat owner, you might have run into such instances when your cat was sleeping on cool tiles or floors with an exposed belly. Therefore, if you think your feline is unusually overheating, look for fever, vomiting, fast breathing, or stumbling symptoms. 

6. Warming Up

Similarly, your feline may adopt the exact sleeping posture during cold and chilly weather. If you see your kitty lying in front of the fireplace, heater, radiator, or relaxing near a sunny window, this implies it is trying to feel warm. They expose their bellies and paw pads to absorb as much warmth as possible. Alternatively, if there is no heat source, your kitty will try to sleep in a curled posture to feel the warmth. 

7. Want to Be Groomed

This is quite common in kittens. When kittens want to be groomed by their mama cat, they lay down on their backs. However, a feline may adopt such a posture when it is all grown. In such a scenario, your cat may lay its belly up in the air when it sees you. Doing this, it wants you to brush, pet or groom it. The best way to respond to such behaviors is to pat their head or simply brush it. Your cat will love it. 

8. Might Want Belly Rubs 

Though it’s a rare trait, few cats love to get belly rubs. In such cases, cats flip over their backs and wait for their owners to start rubbing, patting, or scratching their bellies. 

You can also try doing so. It will strengthen the bond between both of you. However, be heedful and ensure whether it wants a belly rub or is just being naughty to lure you to put your hands in its claws. 

Sleeping cat

9. Attracting Mates

It is pretty common in female felines when they are in heat. They adopt such postures while trying to attract male felines. Female cats attain this by releasing pheromones from their glands present around the neck, face, or anus. 

These signs communicate that they are up for breeding. Also, the odor is easier to emit and outspread when they lie on their back while exposing the anal glands. 

Generally, female felines heat up for a week. Hence, if your cat’s behavior remains for long, there might be another reason for it. 

10. Pregnancy

Female felines usually do not have a visible belly bump during the initial phase of their pregnancy. However, they can still experience the weight and pressure of the pregnancy beforehand. These factors may cause your pet to lay on their back while sleeping to get more relaxation. 

11. Digestive Problems

Your kitty might be sleeping on its back more frequently if it is suffering from digestive issues. Resting on their stomachs for extended periods can make your feline quite vulnerable. Thus, if you see your kitty’s new sleeping posture along with visible symptoms of low appetite, vomiting, increased thirst, or exhaustion, take your cat to the vet to get quick treatment. 

Final Verdict

Conclusively, many cats love to lay on their backs, and some love to be protected and less exposed. Anyhow, cats resting with their bellies up is not something to be highly worried about. For most, it is quite common behavior catering to multiple causes behind it. 

In addition, we suppose this article might be helpful for you in figuring out why your cat is sleeping on her back so that your pet can relax and stay all protected and have an enjoyable time with you.