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Havana Brown

Havana Brown

Havana Brown is perhaps one of the rarest and most royal felines in the world. Read our article to learn all there is to know about this beautiful cat!

Keeping exotic cats as pets have become all the rage nowadays. Among all the unique breeds that are found roaming around homes, none of them captivates the eyes more than the Havana Brown. Their rich brown coat and shorthaired fur make them extremely attractive and loved by cat lovers worldwide.

The Havana Brown’s unique look and structure are a result of cross-breeding between the majestic Siamese and your everyday black cat.

Their creation is credited to The Havana Group who introduced these first in the 1950s. Unlike most exotic pets, taking care of these cats is quite simplistic, and they’re really fun to have around too!

Physical Characteristics 
Height1.6 m
Weight6-10 Pounds
Lifespan13 years
ColorsDark Brown/Reddish Brown
Suitable ForSingle person to Families with children, very spacious house
TemperamentPlayful, loves to explore, sociable, curious, affectionate

Which Homes Are Best For Havana Brown’s

These cats love lots of space to move about. Therefore, it’s best that you have a house that’s big enough for it to explore and roam comfortably. Furthermore, you have nothing to worry about if you have children at home as the mild temperament of the cats causes them to bond nicely with the kids.

They have an extremely extroverted nature and loves to be around people. Guests will often find themselves greeted by the puss when visiting your home.


The Havana Brown cat is a fully domesticated breed. Therefore, there is no way of knowing how long they might live in the wild without human care. If you look after them properly and give them the right amount of nourishment and nurturing on a regular basis, then they can live for as long as 13 years.

Average Size

In terms of size, the Havana Brown sports a muscular build. Despite having an average height, its active nature makes it quite fit in comparison to other shorthaired cats. Reddish brown and light brown are usually the two color variations of its coat.

Lastly, its limbs are balanced and its face bear similar qualities to that of the Siamese cat.

Cat enthusiasts absolutely adore the Havana Brown because of its facial structure. Instead of having a round, plump build which is common in shorthaired breeds, it’s long and slender in shape. The pads of its paws are also unique as they are pink or rosy in color. Male variations tend to be bigger than the female and are chubbier too.

Breed Origin

Initially, the origins of Havana Brown can be traced back to Europe. Their breeding started in the United Kingdoms, and it rapidly received fame and renown across Europe. These cats were made available in the United States of America through crossbreeding almost two decades after it was initially created.

Original Gene Pool

A major reason behind why cat enthusiasts are fascinated by the Havana Brown is their lineage. Just like many exotic felines, this breed has a mystical and ancient heritage. The earliest records of this kitty can be dated back to the ancient realms of Siam, now known as Thailand.

However, the timeline of the Havana Brown is a bit foggy in the middle. Its name is nowhere to be found in the pages of history for quite a while.

Regardless, it was able to make a comeback in recent times through appearances in various shows, being renamed the Swiss Mountain Cat. The process of the name getting changed is foggy at best.

Breed Founder

Three brilliant women are responsible for the existence of the current version of the Havana Brown. Baroness Miranda Von Ullman, Mrs. E. Fisher, and Mrs. Anne Hargreaves make up the amazing British trio behind the creation of the modern breed. Selective breeding was the key to unlocking the formula of this unique cat.

Siamese cats that carried the rare chocolate genes were handpicked for creating this variation. They were bred with common black tabbies and the end result were kittens that had a rich chestnut coat.

These furry babies were initially called the Chestnut Brown Oriental and later were known as the Havana Brown due to their change in fur tone.


Envisioning a Havana Brown is relatively easy. All you have to do is imagine a Siamese cat with a full body of hair. Its bone structure bears an uncanny resemblance to it. This cat carries fur that is deep and rich with short length. Deep brown is the usual shade in which it is typically found.


Havana Brown cats have always been a sign of wealth and aristocracy since their creation. It’s meant to be a show animal and pitted against other exotic breeds. Therefore, don’t expect to find one lazing around an animal adoption center. Even in pet stores, they are seen as quite the rarity and are bound to fetch a pretty penny.

In terms of coat, the Havana Brown resembles a tinier version of a panther. Its fur is extremely smooth and is typically spread around its entire body. A single color is usually its color palette.

The shade usually hovers around the spectrum of black and brown. So, it’s pointless to go looking for one if you’re a fan of felines having colorful coats.

Unlike most exotic pets, the Havana Brown does not prefer lazing about the entire day. In fact, it is playful and loves to prance about with its owner in tow. Therefore, it has a muscular body that lets it roam about easily and emits its energetic mood with ease. Its limbs are long and slender with a slim face, similar to its Siamese side.


Playing games happen to be one of the most favorite pastimes of Havana Brown. It absolutely loves spending time outside and exploring the environment.

Similar to its aristocratic look, it also carries itself in a majestic manner while socializing with humans and other cats. Their extroverted nature makes them love to experience new things.

Havana Brown cats prefer to use their paws to signal various things to human beings. It will automatically reach out to grab things that are new to it and inspect them closely. They also love to extend their paw to new animals and people to introduce themselves.

If you have children in your home, then you should not feel worried at all about adopting these felines. They bond incredibly well with kids and even dogs too.

Even though they are extremely bouncy and active, they also love getting affection from people. So, don’t be surprised if you find them curling up next to you on the couch or bed.

One of the most noteworthy qualities of the Havana Brown cat is how much sociable it is. Unlike most kittens, they do not shy away from meeting new animals. However, they aren’t much vocal either. They prefer to use their paws to signal their need for anything or to express themselves.

Indoors or Outdoors

You won’t have to worry about keeping cats inside or outside your home to sustain their health. They function equally well in both scenarios. They can be kept inside the house for an entire day and they won’t feel bored as they love to explore the house. Moreover, they aren’t hyperactive and won’t end up tumbling things over.

On the other hand, Havana Browns love prancing about the great outdoors. Their colorful temperament lets them enjoy all the elements of outside. However, they are extremely curious as well.

Therefore, there is also the risk of them wandering off if you don’t supervise them properly. It’s best not to let them roam about in urban areas for this reason only.


In terms of making sound, you won’t find a more peaceful cat than the Havana Brown. This cat is rarely vocal and makes a soft purr in most cases. They prefer communicating with their paws over calling out. Play with them every now and then and be receptive to their cuddles, and they will be more than satisfied.


Unlike most shorthaired cats, the Havana Brown is an extremely sociable cat and has an amicable nature. They equally love running around, playing games, as well as sitting back and taking a nap. However, they do not prefer to be alone. Keep them in solitude for too long, and it will take a toll on their mental health.


You will never get bored if you’ve got a Havana Brown in your house. Unlike most cats, this one doesn’t just lounge about every day. Its inquisitive nature makes it want to roam about and play throughout the day. Furthermore, it’s extremely affectionate towards people and love cuddling with them every now and then.

Even though the Havana Brown has a very quiet behavior, it is quite expressive in nature. You will always find yourself becoming amazed by all the things it’s constantly learning and doing due to its active lifestyle. Moreover, your friends and guests will love having it around because of its sociable qualities.


Havana Brown cats love to play about and have fun. They have exceptional energy in comparison to most cats. You can do a couple of different activities like pouncing on feathers and fetching balls.


Compared to most felines, the Havana Brown is extremely sensitive and sensible around human beings. Not only do they love being around people, but they also adapt to new situations with ease. If you treat it with love and care, it will grow to adore you back and will grow a deep affection for you over time.


Another wonderful quality about this kitty is how quickly it learns to behave around children. They tend to grow cautious around them and become gentle around babies. Therefore, you can leave them alone with your kids without having to worry about it hurting them.

Other Animals

A lot of people get nervous when exposing their cats to other animals as they tend to prefer their personal space and can get very moody. However, the Havana Brown is quite exceptional in this regard.

Their sociable character makes them friendly toward other cats and dogs too. Therefore, you can freely consider taking them out with your friend’s pets too.

Breed-Predisposed Ailments

A lot of people get nervous when exposing their cats to other animals as they tend to prefer their personal space and can get very moody. However, the Havana Brown is quite exceptional in this regard.

Their sociable character makes them friendly toward other cats and dogs too. Therefore, you can freely consider taking them out with your friend’s pets too.


There are a couple of things to be on the lookout for to maintain the health of a Havana Brown. Since there isn’t much diversity in their breeding, they can be prone to a variety of ailments that are related to their genetics. If you keep an eye out for these possibilities, these cats can lead a long and healthy life with ease.

Regular veterinary checks are the most effective to remain alert about the potential health issues a Havana Brown can experience. Here are the names of some of the most common ones:

  • Arterial Thromboembolism
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Hemophilia
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases


Cat owners often experience nightmares of their cats howling out in pain while they desperately try to brush them. However, you will never have to face this ordeal with the Havana Brown cat. Its short and smooth coat will let you do a full-body coverage without the comb becoming tangled with fur.

It might seem unbelievable, but the cleaning of this exotic is feline is exactly this much simplistic.


There are a few small things that you need to do to ensure that your cat is healthy and clean. Thankfully, the Havana Brown enjoys being around humans, so they will be quite enthusiastic about these things. Clean their ears regularly and check their body every now and then to remove dirt buildup or lice.


Since the Havana Brown cat is considered a symbol of affluence and aristocracy, it’s safe to say that it’s quite expensive. It’s only natural that a hefty price will go with such a majestic cat!

Cost of Kittens

Havana Browns are extremely rare, and only the smartest animal enthusiasts know how to identify them. You will find a lot of similar-looking cats being passed off as this one so exercise caution. However, if you somehow manage to find the real thing, one of them can go up to as much as USD 1300!

Pros & Cons


  • Wonderful for homes with kids and other pets
  • Cheerful temperament and extremely amicable
  • Sheds minimal amounts of fur
  • Exotic and hassle-free in terms of maintenance
  • Loves exploring and outdoor activities


  • Extremely expensive and difficult to obtain
  • High chances of obesity and various diseases

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that Havana Brown cats are considered one of the most exotic and aristocratic breeds globally. Having such a smart and beautiful kitten in your home is bound to make it one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.

Furthermore, your child will also have a wonderful companion during their growing days. Thus, if you have the money, then it’s certainly worth buying!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worth of a Havana Brown cat?

Havana Brown cats are considered to be one of the most expensive breeds on the market currently. One kitten can go up to as much as USD 1300, depending on the buyer and availability.