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While human babies are certainly adorable, having a fluffy, large, and affectionate cat in your arms is also lovely. If you thought that cats were jumpy and cold creatures, then the Ragamuffin is here to prove you wrong. This large fluffy cat breed is known for being very affectionate towards their owner and their family members.

The Ragamuffin is a cousin of the Ragdoll. This new breed was created when the Ragdolls were bred with Persian and Himalayan cats. We are glad that adorable and affectionate Ragamuffin cats exist now, and they will be the most loving pets in your family!

Which Homes Are Best

Since Ragamuffins aren’t wild cats and they don’t jump around much, they are best for indoors. They have a laid-back nature and like to spend most of their time with their family. Hence, they will be a great addition to family homes.

This breed of cat loves to be petted and is great with children. Your child will love to have this cat around them because the Ragamuffin is very obedient.

If you have any dogs in your house that are cat-friendly, then we have good news for you. This breed gets along with cat-friendly dogs very well, so you will have one happy family of children, dogs, and an adorable Ragamuffin.


As we have said before, the Ragamuffin is a house cat, so they are usually very well taken care of and have a relatively long lifetime. It's a bit difficult to say the exact lifetime of Ragamuffins, but it varies from 14 to 18 years. Usually, if you take these cats for regular checkups to the vet, they will live easily into their late teens.

Average Size

Ragamuffins take about 4 to 5 years to grow into their full size, which is a long time to mature than other cats. But when they do, they can be easily called large cats.

They have long bodies and have heavy bones. Female Ragamuffins weigh about 5 kg on average, while male ones have an average weight of 9 kg. So, the average weight ranges from 4 to 9 kg.

The length of this breed varies from 12 to 18+ inches as they become fully grown, so it is certainly long. They have a medium-sized head, and their pointy ears aren’t big either, but their medium-length fur coat makes them appear much bigger.

The Ragamuffin has full cheeks, which makes them so cute, and a very soft and long tail that follows it.

Breed Background

Breed Origin

In the 1960s, a woman named Anna Baker found the Ragdoll breed, which is the cousin of the Ragamuffin. She had a very strict standard for the Ragdoll breeds and even had an association called the International Ragdoll Cat Association.

People grew tired of such strict appearance standards for the Ragdoll and began breeding them with other breeds such as Persian and Himalayan cats in the 1990s.

The result of the breeding was the Ragamuffin cat, and they were accepted as an official breed in 1994.

Original Gene Pool

Now, we all know that part of the Ragamuffin's original gene pool is from the Ragdoll, but the pool also consists of genes from other breeds. The Ragdoll was bred with Persians and Himalayans, who had long hair and also had greater length.

From the genes of the Persian and Himalayans, the Ragamuffin has longer hair than the Ragdoll and is also a bigger cat. However, they have a number of similarities with the Ragdoll as well.

Breed Founder

Although the history of the Ragamuffin begins with Ann Baker in the 1960s, she is not the founder of this breed. In fact, she was not particularly supportive of this breed’s creation because she had very strict appearance standards for the Ragdoll.

However, a group of breeders wanted the cats to have different colors and more variations. This group which included Janet Klarmann, Curt Gehm, and Kim Clark, bred the Ragdoll with Himalayan and Persian cats and found the beautiful breed – Ragamuffin.

This name was suggested by Curt Gehm, and the ‘muffin’ in the name implies how loveable and soft this breed is!


The Ragamuffin is an adorable cat. Regardless of them being big, they are like babies with their fluffy, dense coat and cute little face. They have many variations in patterns and colors, which we will be talking about.


A lot of the colors and patterns of the Ragamuffin are very similar to that of the Ragdoll, which is why they look so similar at times. Some common patterns are the color point pattern, bi-color pattern, and the mitted pattern, but there are many other patterns as well.

When the Ragamuffin has a color point pattern, its body color is light, whereas its mask, ears, and extremities have a darker shade. The Ragamuffin with a mitted pattern shows some darker points as well. In this pattern, the cat has white feet and chin.

The bicolor pattern is a bit similar to that of the mitted one, as they also consist of points on the coat. Furthermore, there's even an inverted V on the Ragamuffin's forehead.

Because of the small pointy ears of this breed, they seem to have a triangular shape, but their cheeks are round and very much full. Their big eyes are perfectly oval, and usually, they are a wonderful shade of blue.

As previously said, the Ragamuffin has a medium-length fur coat, but some of them may even have long fur. This soft and fluffy coat is a delight to touch, and it is also very dense, making the petting experience a pleasure. They also doen't get tangled easily, so you can pet the long silky coat with ease.


Although Ragamuffins are very cute in terms of their appearance, what makes them even more loveable is their personality. Their name means devilish and silly, but this breed is no such thing. They get attached to their owners and family members very easily and knows how to show affection.

They are very adaptable and will follow you wherever you go in your home so you can pet them. Children will also find this breed of cat to be an amazing addition to the family because they love the company of younger kids. They may get tired easily, but this breed will play with you when you give them treats.

Since they are very calm in nature, it takes quite a bit of time to train them to do impressive tricks. Instead, they much prefer you pick them up to pet them and give them a lot of attention.

Indoors or Outdoors

Regardless of being a strong cat, the Ragamuffin much prefers to stay indoors with their owners. They are the type of cats that will sit on your lap or your couch while you're doing your work or watching TV. You may try and take them outdoors, but we highly discourage it.


Although Ragamuffins are attention-loving cats, they don't make a lot of noises which could get you complaints from your neighbors. They are very calm in every way and only vocalize when they need something.

For people who live in apartments, this is especially great because the low noise will keep your neighbors unbothered.


The Ragamuffin is not necessarily a very active cat, and they do get tired in a short time. However, by saying that, we must mention that they will play with all your family members in short training sessions with toys and laser pointers.

They are very welcoming to new guests as well and are very friendly and interactive with everyone. If your Ragamuffin comes across another one, you will see how well they get along. They also get along with other cat breeds and cat-friendly dogs.


Ragamuffin cats are moderately intelligent and sometimes may even show signs of high intelligence. They are laid-back in nature but will play with you from time to time. However, you need to ensure that you are properly stimulating the cat, or else they will get bored.

With short training sessions and some patience, you can teach Ragamuffins a lot. Some may even listen to commands like sit and roll as puppies do. If your Ragamuffin is very intelligent, you may even witness them opening doors, and turning taps on and off, which is very funny.

Upon proper training, they will respond when you call their name and will even play fetch with you.


You may find that Ragamuffins aren't very playful, but as we have said before, you can play with them in short sessions. Stimulate them with interesting and interactive toys, and you will see that they respond very well. Like most cats, the Ragamuffin also loves to chase laser pointers and play throw inside the house.


This close cousin of the Ragdoll loves when they get a lot of attention from humans. They are calm in nature, but they are very friendly and likes being around people. While they are very loyal to their own human family, the Ragamuffin is also a great host to outsiders.


A Ragamuffin will be the perfect companion for your child, as they will always be with the child every step of the way. The cat will play with the child at times and will also be their fluffy partner when they are relaxing. Because of how loving this breed is, they could also teach your child about compassion and kindness as they grow up.

Other Animals

This breed is a sociable animal and will go along with your other pets as well. They will be playful with other breeds of cats, and as long as dogs are friendly with them, they will also be welcoming.

Breed Predisposed Ailments

Usually, Ragamuffins have a relatively long lifespan and don't easily develop health issues. They aren't usually affected by hereditary diseases, but you should take them for routine checkups. You need to be careful with common diseases cats catch, such as kidney issues and heart diseases.

Perhaps the biggest concern with Ragamuffins is their tendency to become obese. It can be difficult to judge how fat your Ragamuffin has gotten because of their thick coat, so be careful not to feed them too much. Also, because the Ragamuffin is a large cat, they can have some effect on their joints and cause arthritis.

Health issues you need to look out for in Ragamuffins:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a type of congenital heart disease
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis


Although the Ragamuffin doesn’t shed a lot, they still shed somewhat regularly. However, they are still an easy-care breed with low maintenance.


As this breed does shed a fair amount of fur, a good brushing is necessary now and then. You should pull out the slicker brush about twice every week for a good 30-minute long brushing session of that dense coat. Because the Ragamuffin’s fur doesn’t get tangled much, brushing their coat will be an easy task.


Along with the coating, you also need to take a look at your cat's eyes and ears. You may see some gunk in the ear canals and the corner of the eyes because of the Ragamuffin's long hair. Just take a soft, damp cloth and wipe it clean. If you feel the issue is more complex, take your cat to the vet.


While the Ragamuffin is a precious cat with a lovely personality, they do come at a high cost. If you are fortunate, you may find them up for adoption, but usually, they are sold by breeders.

Cost of Kittens

We would only suggest you buy Ragamuffin kittens if you have a high budget for buying a pet. Breeders will charge you anywhere from $1000 to $4000 for a Ragamuffin kitten. Sometimes they will ask around $500 just for a place on the waitlist for the cat.

You should also keep in mind that if the breeder is far from you, there will also be a very high delivery charge for the Ragamuffin to be delivered to you. Initial setup and supplies costs should also be considered when buying a kitten, and this can go up to $500.

Pros & Cons


  • Adorable face, with a fluffy, dense coat
  • Very friendly and gets along with children and other animals very well
  • Comes in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Affectionate and calm in nature
  • Easy care as they require brushing twice a week
  • Intelligent and very welcoming to guests


  • Rare breed and has high costs
Height: 10 to 15 inches
Weight: 4 to 9 kg
Lifespan: 14 to 18 years
Colors: All Colors
Suitable For: Families, houses
Temperament: Friendly, affectionate, intelligent, loyal, calm

Final Thoughts

If you want a cat that will always be your family's companion and will show you a lot of love, then the Ragamuffin will be an excellent choice.

This calm-natured cat is the perfect house cat, and they will add a lot of life to your home. Their intelligence, sweet, friendly, and welcoming attitude is truly rare and wonderful. So, if you can afford an adorable Ragamuffin, then we would highly suggest you get one when you're ready!