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Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight

If you are looking for a sweet, adorable-looking kitten who is very friendly and can adjust to any environment, the Scottish Straight Cat breed might be the one you are looking for!

These cats have a lovely look and friendly personality, which makes them the perfect pet cat for any kind of house. They are loyal, love to accompany their owners but also maintain a distance instead of being clingy to them during work hours.

But Scottish Straights are a special breed. They were bred to originally make Scottish Folds, their folder ear counterparts. These cats are born with hereditary diseases, which makes them live in pain all their life.

So, if you cannot be responsible for their long-term proper care due to time and/or financial issues, don’t get Scottish Straights as pets.

Which Homes Are Best

Scottish Straights are suitable for any type of owner, whether they are first time pet owners or already have a dozen kittens in the house. This breed of cats is amicable and relaxed in nature.

So, they can easily adjust to any kind of environment, which makes it such a suitable option for all. Regardless of where you live, in a small apartment, or a big country home, your Scottish Straight can fit right in!


The life expectancy of a Scottish Straight is 11 to 15 years. Various factors can affect this average lifespan, for example, the environment they are living in, whether their daily health requirements are being met if they are getting enough exercise, and so on. And Scottish Straights have special health concerns.

Average Size

Scottish Straights are a medium sized breed. They are usually a bit round in shape. The male cats weigh 6 to 13 pounds, while the female cats weigh 6 to 9 points. By height, they are generally 8 to 10 inches.

Breed Background

Breed Origin

Scottish Straights come from a barn cat named Susie in Scotland back in 1961. The breed originator was a shepherd who was taken by Susie’s folded ears that occurred due to a genetic issue. He took one of her litters and went through two breeding processes to form Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights.

Original Gene Pool

Scottish Straight breed is under the Scottish cat breed. In fact, Scottish Folds are identical to Scottish Straights, except for the ears. Both breeds originated from Scotland, where a shepherd found a cat called Susie on a farm.

Seeing Susie’s ears folded down on her head due to a rare mutation, he took one of her kittens and bred her with a red tabby first. Then, he bred a kitten from that litter with a British Shorthair. Thus, Scottish Folds were born with their folded ears and the rest with straight ears were called Scottish Straights.

Breed Founder

The founder of the Scottish Straight breed is Shepherd William Ross. He found Susie at a farm in 1961. Then he went through two breeding processes to finally found the Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold breeds.


Scottish straights are a medium sized breed. These cats are often compared with owls as their faces have some striking similarities. They are very adorable. You’ll have people going aww over them all the time!


This breed of cats comes in a diverse set of colors and patterns. Starting with white, grey, tabby, black, bicolor, or a mix of more than two colors, Scottish Straights are a variety. Their eye colors may also vary, but copper is most seen.

These cats are medium sized, round in shape, which makes you want to hold them close and cuddle. Their ears are straight. They come from both longhair and shorthair styles. From all this information, you can probably imagine what a wide range of appearances the Scottish Straight breed holds!


Scottish Straight cats are known for their friendly personalities. You can play around with them, and they would love to go on adventures with you. These cats are smart and loyal. They are sweet natured cats who are very caring and will become great friends with other humans or animals in the house.

Indoors or Outdoors

While these Scottish Straights will enjoy a stroll in the yard or the neighborhood, they are mostly homebodies. With their relaxed and sweet personality, they are best suited to live as indoor cats. Leaving them outside to move around on their own could be risky.


Scottish Straights have tiny voices. They also have quiet and reserved personalities, so they are not very vocal. These cats are not very chatty either, so they won’t bother you with their meows throughout the day.


These cats like to interact in a very calm way. While they are playful, they also do not like to be picked up or carried much. So, you can see them being affectionate while keeping a distance.

You can work on your laptop or your homework and your pet Scottish Straight will keep you company by lounging near you while not directly disrupting your work.


Scottish Straights are a smart breed. They like to play with complex pet toys that will keep them busy for hours. As they are very smart, you can also train them to do different tricks or even play fetch. It might take some time and consistent training, but definitely worth it.


These cats are playful by nature, albeit not too hyper. They like to play games throughout the day. So you will need to buy some cat toys for them every now and then.

New toys are always appreciated by them, as they could get bored by playing with old ones repeatedly. With special complex toys, they can stay mentally stimulated. They should be physically active, too, so you can ensure they partake in physical games or maybe go on walks with them.


Scottish Straights are a very friendly breed. They are rarely shy, so they can mix with anyone. Their sweet nature makes them caring and loyal


Scottish Straights are really good with people of any age. If you have children at home, you do not have to worry about either being harmed. Do teach your children the cat’s boundaries, as Scottish Straights do not like to be picked up much or be carried around.

Other Animals

Scottish Straights will mix right in with other animals in the house. If you love animals and have multiple pets at home, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, having a friend will keep them both happy when you are gone for long hours.

Breed Predisposed Ailments

The Scottish Breed suffers from a painful degenerative joint disease called osteochondrodysplasia. This happens because of genetic abnormalities that result in shortened limbs, fusing of tail, ankles, and knees, or a stiff, painful tail itself.

Osteochondrodysplasia leads them to be in chronic pain, makes them unable for them to move easily, and gets abnormal postures. Some countries have banned breeding of the Scottish Straight, as they are going to be in chronic pain.

It is unethical to breed them just because of their endearing appearance.


Whether the cat is a shorthair or a longhair breed matters when it comes to their grooming. It differs according to the size of their coat. You will need to groom a long-haired cat more often than a short haired one, and the materials might differ as well.


Short Haired Scottish Straights can be brushed only once a week. A simple weekly routine will remove the dead hair and reduce shedding. Since there is less fur on the coat than on a longhaired cat, this process is much easier.

For a longhaired Scottish Straight, a consistent and more frequent routine has to be followed. Otherwise, their coat may get tangled, matted besides shedding a lot and forming hairballs.


While cats are self-cleaning, you should also check their ears. If needed, you can clean it for them.


The Scottish Straights are a rare breed of cats. So, their prices might also be expensive. You should always calculate all the required budget before getting a pet because every pet deserves a loving home that can also afford to meet its needs.

Cost of Kittens

Scottish Straights could cost anywhere around $600 dollars. Since they are hard to find, they could be more expensive. Scottish Straight cats require extra attention in their healthcare since they suffer from chronic diseases.

This means you will have to take multiple trips to the vet to keep your pet safe and relieve their pain. If you cannot afford these extra costs, it is better not to choose Scottish Straight cats.

Pros & Cons


  • These kittens are usually not shy, and rather love to become friends
  • Scottish Straights can become friends with any other animal in the house
  • Whether you have kids at home, elders, or you live alone, Scottish Straights can fit right in
  • They are very smart, so you can even teach them some tricks!
  • Scottish Straights are adorable looking and catch eyes


  • Scottish Straights could be high maintenance due to their healthcare issues.
  • Scottish Straights are not hypoallergenic. So they are not safe to have around people who are allergic to cats.
  • You must provide them with adequate entertainment if they are left alone for too long, otherwise, they could be prone to depression
Height: 8” to 10”
Weight: 6 to 13 lb for male; 6 to 9 lb for female
Lifespan: 11 to 15 years
Colors: Tabby, white, mixed colors, bicolor, grey, solid colors
Suitable For: Any loving house starting from single owners to large families with children.
Temperament: Sweet, affectionate, smart, reserved at times

Final Thoughts

Scottish Straights are a lovely breed of cats to have at your home. They are friendly but also well-reserved. While keeping you company, they also won’t interrupt your work or cling to you as other domestic cats might. Scottish Straights are suitable for any household, whether it is a one-person apartment or a big family home.
But, due to the inevident genetic disorders, the breeding of Scottish Straights and Folds is a controversial topic. As these kittens are likely to be in some sort of pain all their life, you must be attentive to their health requirements and make sure they are doing well.