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Serengeti cats are friendly and energetic pets who make the best house pet for lively families. Find out more about this exotic and wild-looking domestic cat.

Developed by crossing a hybrid Bengal and an Oriental Shorthair, Serengeti cats are comparatively a rare breed. With the appearance of an exotic wildcat, they are friendly domestic cats with a bit of wilderness in them. Serengeti kittens are very smart and energetic.

These cats are super energetic and like to play around the house. Besides, they are also very affectionate, leading them to form a deep bond with the owners, sticking around them all the time. This feline mixture of sweet and wildness makes them the perfect loyal domestic cat to have at home.

Physical Characteristics 
Height8" to 10" inches tall
Weight8 to 15 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 years
ColorsGolden, yellow, black, brownish, spotted
Suitable ForLively families, families with children or elders
TemperamentFriendly, active, agile, chatty, confident

Which Homes Are Best For Serengeti’s

erengeti cats are very lively and adapt easily to new environments. They are usually not scared of places that are new to them. Any sort of house is suitable for Serengeti cats. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it does not matter.

However, they do not like being locked up in spaces for long, so you will have to find ways for them to exhort their energy in moderately open spaces.


The average life expectancy of a Serengeti is 10 to 15 years, which is comparatively long. This breed of cats is known to have particularly very good health

Average Size

Serengeti cats are found to have an athletic physique, yet slender and long. The male Serengeti cats are larger than the female cats. Their height is about 8 to 10 inches. They can be large in size, generally weighing around 8 to 15 pounds.

Breed Origin

Serengeti cats were originated in California, USA. This new breed was created by conservation biologist Karen Sausman back in 1994. She mixed the Oriental Shorthair breed with a Bengal breed.

Original Gene Pool

The Bengal breed originates from the Asian Leopard cat and a domestic hybrid. On the other hand, the Oriental Shorthair comes from a domestic side, creating the mixture in the present Serengeti.

Karen Sausman wanted to develop a breed of domestic cat that was similar to a wild African Serval. But the Serengeti does not have any Serval blood.

Breed Founder

Karen Sausman wanted to make a domestic cat who looked like an exotic wildcat. Hence, she mixed a Bengal cat of wild cat descent and an Oriental Shorthair from domestic descent.

As Serengeti cats originated in 1994, they are still in the development stage, and new information is being found about them.


Serengeti cats are a very beautifully decorated breed. With appearances similar to a leopard, it has a beautiful golden-yellowing coat with black spots and an elegant look. Their wild cat look is the highlight; it makes them look like a leopard.


The Serengeti cat is medium to large in body size. Their silky coat is spotted with black over golden/yellow fur. They have a big bone structure and strong muscles that make them seem a lot bigger.

Their long legs and nimble feet help their agility. They have round-tipped ears that make their face look small. Their eyes are bold, deep amber / golden in color.

Serengeti cats have nimble feet that are strong and can move fast. They can jump high, almost up to 7 feet into the air.


The Serengeti is a very friendly breed. They can adjust to new areas quite easily. Serengeti cats can bond with their owners within a short period of time; they can also easily interact with people of any age, so they are also safe to have around. These traits make them a very good choice for family pets.

Known for their high energy, you will find them playing around the place all the time. They are also very vocal, so they are quite a chatty companion. This breed loves to have companions and often clings to them if they become a favorite.

Indoors or Outdoors

As the Serengeti is a domestic cat, it is well suited inside than outdoors. However, just like their appearance, a Serengeti is as wild as you can probably guess. Their energy and swiftness make them very hyper throughout the day.

So instead of locking them up indoors all day, it is best to put them on a leash and go on walks. Better yet, if you have a yard, they can run around a bit there too!


The Serengeti is a loud, chatty cat that might interrupt you during different times of the day. If you happen to become their favorite person, they will cling to you while you move about with your daily activities.

They could interrupt your homework time, or you might find them sprawled on your laptop when you need it.


These lovely domestic cats are very interactive. They love to have fun and would become a great fur friend to have around. Serengeti cats do not like being alone. They are friendly in nature.

If you stay at home most of the time or have a family that does, Serengeti cats would make a great pet cat. If you have other pets, Serengeti cats can mix with them too!


Serengetis are very intelligent kittens. They might be able to figure their way out of pet traps or things you keep away from them or find themselves in tiny spaces of the house.

Owing to their smartness, you can even train them for some tricks. This outgoing cat would love to play with you, so teaching them tricks will be easy. It will be entertaining for them too as they love to play. Find out their favorite treats, and use those for training them to retrieve and fetch, clicker, ring bell, etc.

You can also train them for toilets. These big cats can use normal toilets, but you will have to help them learn how to use them.


Serengetis are born athletes. They will jump around in high places (with their long legs giving them the advantage).

As Serengetis do not like being bored, keeping some toys around the place for them to be entertained or play with by themselves is important.


Unlike most cats who like to be left alone, the Serengeti cats are extremely amicable felines that love to interact with people of any age. They are very social and active. In case you are worried about whether they can be good with your children or other pets in the house.


Serengetis are a safe breed to bring home if you have kids around. A Serengeti cat can befriend a human easily. Their personality will make them play with the kids in no time.

Not only will your kids be entertained and grow a love for animals, but your cat will also be happy to have a playmate. But it is always safe to stay under supervision in case of accidents

Other Animals

If you have other pet kittens or dogs or any other animals in the house and are worried if it will give rise to any problems, rest assured – because Serengetis can become friends with the other animals in your house thanks to their sweet personality.

You will find your Serengeti cat trying to court other animals in the house for friendship soon. If they are also cat-friendly, they will get on extremely well.

Breed-Predisposed Ailments

So far, Serengetis are found to be generally very healthy cats. It has not been long since they were bred, so they are still at the development stage. There is no detailed info about their health status. But they might have hereditary genetic disorders from Bengal and Oriental Shorthair cats. Both of them have heart diseases linked with their breed, so a Serengeti may also face the same.


Serengeti cats are hypoallergenic. Their thick but short hair should be groomed every now and then. Thankfully, they shed very less, so it would not be a problem for those allergic to fur friends.


Their silky and shiny coat is easy to handle. You can brush your cat once weekly to remove any dirt or dead hair. Also, you can use a grooming glove that can boost their circulation and remove the debris altogether.


Serengeti cats have big, pointed ears. You can use extra supplies to keep their ears clean when you brush them. If you see them scratching the back of their heads too much, go see a vet. That could be a sign of different diseases.


Serengetis are rare and special, thanks to their exotic and wild look. You should always check up on your budget and the cat’s needs to see if you can afford them.

Every pet you take has its own traits and needs, so you should check beforehand if you can be responsible for them.

Serengetis are rare and special, thanks to their exotic and wild look. You should always check up on your budget and the cat’s needs to see if you can afford them.

Every pet you take has its own traits and needs, so you should check beforehand if you can be responsible for them.

Cost of Kittens

A Serengeti kitten’s price is normally around $600 to $2,000. This price depends on the breeder. The age and what condition the cat is in are also taken into consideration. If you buy a well-bred healthy kitten from parents with no genetic disease, it may come as expensive but worthy.

Pros & Cons


  • An extraordinary wild cat appearance
  • Amicable
  • Very affectionate
  • Low maintenance
  • Less shedding
  • Lively and chatty companion
  • Friendly with other animals


  • They are a rare breed, so they are hard to find
  • Since they are still at the development stage, there is no detailed picture of their health information, so you will need to rush to the vet, who still might not have a clear idea
  • They like company and are prone to becoming depressed if left alone

So if your job/school has you away from home for long hours, it is best to go for a pet that would not mind being alone for a part of the day.

Final Thoughts

A pet is a pleasant addition to a home. It brings up the liveliness of the house. The owners need the pets as much as the pets need them; it is a really sweet and loyal bond.

So if you are looking for something like that, a Serengeti is an excellent choice for a house cat. Starting from its extraordinary wild looks to its super friendly and hyper personality, it will surely liven up the atmosphere of the house.

To help you decide, we have included a clear list of pros and cons. If you can relate to the pros, that is great! If you match with any of the cons mentioned above, think about it for a while before jumping into action.

Remember, these pets are dependent on you. They are going to be your responsibility and deserve to be treated properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Serengetis hypoallergenic?

Yes, the Serengetis are a hypoallergenic breed. They shed very little too. So if you are allergic to cats, do not worry!