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Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed is very popular for its completely hairless skin and inward folded ears, which gives them a unique appearance.

They are often depicted as a “doglike” cat breed because of their pointed faces, folded ears, and fairly docile personality. Created by crossing Scottish Fold cat with Donskoy, this medium-sized cat also stands out for its wedge-shaped head and wrinkled skin.

This charming cat breed has a very sociable and affectionate temperament, which is one of its best traits. If you happen to be someone who loves pet cuddle sessions, this beautiful cat is going to be your best friend.

Which Homes Are Best

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are very amicable and social cats, which is why big homes with lots of family members or children are suitable for them. Since they crave attention and company, they might not do well in nuclear households.

These cats are quite vulnerable cat breeds because of their hairless skin. The lack of hair makes them prone to skin diseases, which is why they don’t thrive well in extremely sunny or cold environments. Levkoy cats cannot be left alone for too long, as they might become anxious or troubled without any company.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats can live up to 15-20 years on average, but it can vary depending on how they’re taken care of. Some cats may survive more than 20 years, but such instances are quite rare. Since they are relatively rare, you might find some genetic health issues within them.

Average Size

Levkoy cats are medium-sized cats with the muscular and well-proportionate build. They weigh around 11-15 pounds and have a body length of around 12-16 inches. The average height of these cats is usually 8-10 inches, and they take 4-5 years to fully grow into a mature cats.

Breed Background

Breed Origin

The name ‘Ukrainian Levkoy’ came from the ‘Levkoy’ plant. This naming originated due to the similarity of the folded ears of the cat with the folded leaves of the Levkoy plant.

Its history began in 2004 in Russia with final recognition in Ukraine by the ICFA RUI in 2005. It was later recognized in Russia by ICFA WCA in 2010.

Original Gene Pool

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat originated from the breeding between Scottish Fold cats and Donskoy. Crossing of these two unique cat breeds led to the development of hairless kittens with ears folded inwards. After some time, breeding was carried out among the kittens with other species like Oriental Shorthair and Sphynx.

Breed Founder

This fascinating cat breed was founded by a cat breeder in Russia, Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova in 2004. Her motive was to create an exceptional cat breed, something completely new in the world. She succeeded by bringing out the folded-ear trait of Scottish Fold and hairless skin trait of the Donskoy in the same cat breed.


Everything about the Ukrainian Levkoy speaks beauty and elegance. From its smooth and velvety down to its gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, the Levkoy is truly one of the most gorgeous cat breeds to exist.


The Ukrainian Levkoy cat is a medium-sized cat built with a slender and muscular frame. They have long and pointed tails which are proportionate to the body. These cats are easily identified by their wedge-shaped heads and “stepped” faces that resemble that of a dog.

One of their interesting features is the large and inward folded ears that avoid meeting the head. It gives the cat a very extraordinary physical appearance.

These cats come in different colors and patterns, out of which solid black, white, gray, and even bicolored ones are fairly common. Their hairless and wrinkled skin is also one of their noteworthy features.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats are very social cats and love to be around people. They are also very smart and have an inquisitive nature. You can expect a great deal of vocal communication when it comes to these cats. They also love displaying different romps and tricks to keep the members of the family entertained.

They are very affectionate towards people, but they also demand a lot of attention. These cats are also fond of strangers and take no time opening up to anyone. They also come with the mysterious ability to open cupboards. You can find them waiting for you by the door or circling around you when they want some playtime.

Indoors or Outdoors

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are mostly indoor cats, but they also prefer occasional outdoor hangouts. They’re usually fond of playing indoors with toys, children, and other pets.

However, you can take your Levkoy cat out for a walk once or twice in a few weeks. Since it is mainly a lap cat, they enjoy ruling the households and coming up with silly tricks every now and then.


Levkoy cats are usually very well-behaved, but they tend to get noisy during their meal times and when they demand attention. They are quite vocal and love expressing their needs through different forms of vocalization. These cats become quite chirpy during playtime and are seen to meow and purr once in a while.


One thing that Ukrainian Levkoy cats excel in is interaction. They are devoted to their owners and will religiously follow them everywhere.

The Levkoy cats are very friendly with children and different pets, and they do not shy away from reaching out for some playtime. They cannot be let alone for a long time without company as they may start to get stressed and troubled.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats are very smart and intelligent cats. They are always exhibiting different antics to entertain the family members and their owners. These cats also love solving puzzle games and trying out different tricks to impress the owner. They love being held and patted when they’re right with the puzzles.


Levkoy cats are one of the most energetic cats to exist. From playing fetch to goofing around in the house, these cats are fond of any kind of activity. You can see them jumping on the sofas and purring around you when they want your attention. Overall, they are extremely playful and doting cats.


Although many cat breeds are seen shying away from people and preferring loneliness, the Ukrainian Levkoy is surely not included in that group. They are loving cats who don’t like living alone or spending more than a few hours without any company.


These cute cats are a big fan of children. They are very friendly with children and love engaging in fun activities around them. Children are also fond of these beautiful creatures who are nothing but a bundle of joy. These cats love keeping the children entertained through their fun tactics and tricks.

Other Animals

If you have cat-friendly dogs at home, you have nothing to worry about! These gorgeous cats are friendly with all kinds of pets — other cat breeds, dogs, etc. Unlike many cat breeds, they are not hostile towards other pets at all. They love to engage in playful activities with different pets of the household.

Breed Predisposed Ailments

Levkoy cats are relatively healthy cats, but they are still prone to develop some health conditions. Most of these health conditions are derived from their ancestors, the Scottish Fold and Donskoy.

Scottish Folds are frequently affected with osteochondrodysplasia or polycystic kidney disease. They are also commonly affected by cardiomyopathy. Levkoy cats can inherit these diseases from their Scottish Fold side.

On the other hand, the Donskoy cat breed is prone to develop gum disease, tooth decay, and a hereditary disorder, ectodermal dysplasia. Levkoy cats can suffer from these health conditions as well.

To identify and treat these health problems at their earliest stages, we recommend making a visit to your vet at least twice a year.


Since Levkoy cats are a hairless breed, they don’t have many grooming requirements. Their exposed skin surface is prone to infections, which need special attention. Other than that, you only need to take care of their ear health, and that’s pretty much all the maintenance your cat needs.


Levkoy cats lack hair on their bodies, which means they don’t need any brushing. However, the absence of hair makes their skin vulnerable to sunburn and other skin infections. We recommend consulting with your vet and opting for a relaxing massage or bath for your cat to properly moisturize their skin.


Straight ears are relatively easier to clean, but the struggle comes with folded ears. As Levkoy cats come with folded ears, they require special attention during cleaning. So, make sure that you don’t miss any spots where wax might have developed and clean both ears thoroughly.

You can also establish an ear cleaning routine once a week to make sure that your cat has healthy ears.


As Levkoy cats are a relatively new and rare breed, they can be quite expensive. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on their maintenance, so that’s a relief.

Cost of Kittens

Ukrainian Levkoy cats can cost from $500 to $800, depending on your location and your breeder. Usually, reputable breeders can charge a lot for getting you one of these rare cat breeds, and the amount can even exceed 1000$.

If you live in any of the neighboring countries around Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, you can get these cats at a relatively cheaper rate. However, if you’re located in the United States, Canada, or Asia, these cats can be very expensive to obtain.

Pros & Cons


  • Active and smart cats
  • Doesn’t require a lot of grooming
  • Bonds with family members, children and other pets easily


  • Requires constant attention and may seem clingy at times
  • Not ideal pets for people living alone as they don’t thrive well without company
Height: 8-10 inches
Weight: 11-15 pounds
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Colors: All colors and patterns. Common colors are solid black, gray, white
Suitable For: Families, seniors, apartments
Temperament: Playful, affectionate, intelligent, sociable, demanding

Final Thoughts

Having a Ukrainian Levkoy cat is truly a wonderful experience, as they provide immense joy to all the members of the family. These cats are very docile and affectionate, making them great everyday companions.

If you can go past the few cons of adopting this cat, you will definitely come to love this beautiful feline.

Named after the Levkoy plant, the Ukrainian Levkoy is one of the most fascinating cat breeds in the world. It is a rare cat breed, found mainly in Ukraine and Russia.