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Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?

Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?

Cat owners might have noticed their pets doing strange things. However, cats lifting their bums remains the most amusing one. But why do cats raise their rear ends when you pet them?

When cats raise their butts and lower their front ends, they want you to keep petting them in that spot. Furthermore, according to some veterans, when cats assume this position, they give your pats an A-plus.

Why Does My Cat Lift Her Bum Up? 

1. It Is Ready to Mate

It might be in heat if you didn’t spay your female cat, and now it is lifting her bum. At this time, it is best to let your cat stay out. Otherwise, your house will likely be damaged. A cat in heat sprays urine frequently all over the place and scratches the furniture. 

2. Wants to Communicate

The cats have two anal glands beneath their tails that they use to communicate with each other. This is why you might have witnessed two friendly cats sniffing on each other’s butts as a greeting. So when your cat lifts her bum, it might want to say hello and permit you to sniff them. Weird to you. Perfectly normal to her.

3. It Is the Spot

Even though it may appear strange to many of us that a cat is raising its butt, it is the way for her to tell you’ve hit the spot while scratching her. Your cat’s “that spot” is at the bottom of the tail. Not many cats like being petted over the base of their tails. If your cat enjoys it, you will see her sticking up her bum. 

Guy holding cat

4. Natural Instinct

It is a fact that kittens in their early days depend on their mothers for everything, including grooming. Kittens raise their butts in the air to make it easier for their mothers to clean them. The mother cats then lick them all over. This act of your cat may be a hold-over. Your pat may feel like it’s their mother’s lick to which they hold up their butts. 

Why Does My Cat Sit Across My Lap?

Below are a few possible reasons why your cat finds your lap the ideal place to sit. 

1. Safe Place and Good Viewpoint

Your lap seems safe and comfortable for your cats. They know they can relax and sleep while having you by their side. Furthermore, they get a fantastic viewpoint to see what’s happening around them. If your cat prefers sitting on your lap often, it means they feel safe around you. 

2. Coziness 

For any cat, your lap is a heavenly bed. Cats like to stay warm as their body temperature varies from 38-39 degrees celsius. They will not need to use energy to warm up or cool down because their thermoneutral zone is between 30 and 36 degrees celsius. Consequently, your lap becomes the heater for their bodies. 

Cats will prefer sitting in warmer spots of your house like in sunlight, near radiators, over laptops, or other spaces. In contrast, your lap becomes the best alternative to all the places for cats to stay warm without using energy. 

3. A Way to Show Affection

Your cat sitting next to you or over you is a way to express affection or get attention. When it comes to showing love, cats are subtle. Sitting on your lap means they want to be around you. By letting them do so, you can build an excellent bond with your cat. 

4. Your Cat Is Social

Not many cats like to sit on people’s laps, but some cats want to spend time with their owners. These kinds of cats are social. It is one way for your cat to be included in the family’s quality time. Additionally, your cat might be getting less attention, and that’s why they have decided to get more by sitting on you.

5. Reassurance

Your cat will likely sit on your lap if they haven’t been able to spend some time with you. This is how they become closer to you. Many cats require this consolation and love. Furthermore, your lap might have turned into a safe place for them. Even though your cat might not show it, it feels comfortable with you. 

7. Your Lap Is Theirs

Lastly, your cat wants to make it obvious that you are theirs. It is like saying, “this human is mine.” Cats are pretty territorial in nature and thus want other pets to know what is theirs. In addition, they are also sending in pheromones to your body to have their smell. If you have any other pets in your house, your cat will sit on your lap to tell them it’s their place.

Woman holding cat

Why Does Your Cat Lay on Your Belly?

Anything will serve as a bed for cats. It can be your laptop, shoe, head, face, tummy, etc. Your cat might not show their affection this way but they might just want to claim you and tell everyone that you are theirs. Cats are clever and selfish.

Furthermore, cats are attention seekers because they can get lonely at times. This is when they come near you and lay on your stomach to feel warm and secure. 

Why Does My Cat No Longer Sit on My Lap?

Your cat might not be sitting on your lap anymore out of anxiety and stress. This happens because of subtle changes in your house. For instance, a new pet, a baby, or a new person in your home may intimidate your cat. 

Many cats start sitting on your lap as kittens (3-7 weeks). At this time, they try to initiate a bond with you to build trust. 

Cat laying

So How Can I Get My Cat Back on My Lap?

Many cats will sit on your lap intuitively, but some cats will need you to entice them. Below are three ways to get your stubborn cat to sit on your lap:

Tempt Your Cat

Invite your cat onto your lap by tempting her with cat treats. This is how they will hop into your lap. Now you have to make them stay longer there.

Treat them

As your cat is on your lap now, treat her with cat food. They will feel blissful about staying on your lap and surely will do it again.

Call Them Cute Names

To add to their treat, call them by sweet names. Tell them they are good by saying “good girl,” “good boy,” or “sweet kitty.” 


Sadly, we cannot ask our pets about their strange behavior and thus have to make reasonable guesses. If your cat raises their butt while you pet it, they’re likely enjoying it.

Furthermore, if you get your cat on your lap frequently, they are too fond of you. But what to do if they don’t come on your lap? You can try enticing them and treating them.

You can learn about your cat’s nature from this article, and we hope it was a great help for you.