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Why Does My Cat Ignore Me?

Why Does My Cat Ignore Me?

Cats are born to be affectionate, friendly, and loving in nature, and they can easily get attached to their owners in less amount of time. If you are a cat owner, you will notice your cat cuddling, jumping, and frolicking in your presence. Cats express their love to their human owners in many different ways. 

However, you will often observe your cat ignoring you. In fact, the most common question asked from the veterinarian is, “why does my cat ignore me?” Any owner will be concerned if their cat begins acting cold out of nowhere. However, there are a lot of reasons behind this. Here are some of them: 

6 Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Ignoring You

1. It Is in Their Nature

There is nothing to worry about if your cat is ignoring you. There is no need to feel alone in this situation, as many cat owners feel the same way. Since they have a different nature from human beings, we can conclude that they do not need social interactions. 

Cats are not compelled to show affection or care. In historical times, cats and humans did not interact as much as now. Hence, cats may not understand that ignoring you can hurt your feelings. Unlike humans, they can thrive without a social network. If your cat ignores you, it does not mean that it does not love you anymore. 

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2. They Are Upset 

Think of your cat as you would of a 4-year-old child. They can quickly get upset or grumpy at the slightest inconvenience. In addition to this, cats have a very sharp memory so if you scolded your cat a week or two ago, then get ready to receive a dose of cold shoulders from your cat. 

They can hold grudges for months unless you compensate for your behavior. Since your little furball is a loving creature, they do not take yelling lightly. Cats only understand the language of love and enjoy it when you spoil them with cuddles and gifts. 

Moreover, keep in mind that cats from rescue centers may be traumatized by past events. Be extra loving and careful with them as some actions may trigger an underlying trauma. 

3. They Are Aging 

Another common reason your cat may ignore you is that they are getting older. As cats age, they may be losing their hearing abilities or vision. It is difficult for these creatures, and sometimes they may not hear you calling for them or even see you. 

Other than that, an aging cat may be suffering joint pain, which does not allow them to get up and play with you. If you suspect these reasons, it is best to seek professional advice from a veterinarian, as keeping your cat healthy and comfortable should be your priority.  

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4. They Are Relaxing 

These adorable pets are playful creatures and need some time to rest. Experts suggest that cats sleep up to 12 to 16 hours a day. All they need is a sunny, snuggly, and comfortable spot to sleep. They can fall asleep on the floor, couch, empty box, or even your closet to have the nap of their life. 

Most cats take their sleeping schedule quite seriously, and they expect you to respect it, even though they may not accept your sleeping schedule very seriously. Humans do not like it when their nap is abruptly interrupted, and well, cats are the same. If you call out your cat, they may not come running to you because they are resting. 

Let your cat rest and play with your pet on its terms. They will not wake up from their relaxing nap because you want to play with them. As soon as your cat is well-rested, it will come meowing to you.  

5. A Change in Routine 

Anyone would feel off if their routine is changed, and cats are no different. If you have recently changed homes, eating schedules, or the cat’s diet, it will throw them off balance. Sometimes the addition of a new family member can also upset your cat. 

Every slightest change can trigger the anxiety of your cat. 

6. They Are Not Feeling Well 

Another possible explanation for why your cat is ignoring you is that they feel lethargic. When your cat suffers from pain or any illness, they seem to be uninterested in everything. They just keep lying in their corner without showing any signs of activity or playfulness. 

Mature cats develop the risk of dysfunctional cognitive ability, similar to Alzheimer’s. Other than that, you will notice other symptoms such as loss of appetite, excessive water consumption, or hypertension if your cat is not feeling well. If you suspect the symptoms, you should rush to the vet and get your cat checked. 

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How to Know If Your Cat Is Ignoring You 

Suppose you are not sure whether your cat is ignoring you or not. Watch out for these signs: 

  • Your cat is running away from you.
  • They are hiding behind furniture or objects when you approach 
  • It is staying away from your bedroom or any other favorite place 
  • The cat is allowing strangers to pet and caress, but not you 
  • It is not coming for treats 

Wrapping It Up 

If your cat has started to ignore you suddenly, these are the potential reasons why. Think about the possible triggers and make sure to make your cat feel comfortable. There are many reasons, ranging from changes in routine to medical conditions. If you cannot pinpoint a specific trigger, then it may as well be a medical condition, and it is best to address them as soon as possible. It is essential to understand that cats are very different from human beings, and cats are creatures with a unique nature and temperament. Good Luck!