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Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet?

Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet?

Have you ever met a cat that is crazy about your feet? These furry animals have many weird tendencies, and playing with feet tops the list. Cats tend to grab and gently bite your feet as a way of beckoning you to play. At times, your cat may lick your feet. While this gesture is associated with dogs, the feline counterparts also exhibit this behavior. Many cat owners might find this behavior unsettling. However, there is an explanation for this, so let’s get right to it!

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Licking My Feet?

There is no specific reason to pinpoint why your cat is licking your feet. However, the most common reasons are:

  • You Cat Is Expressing Their Love for You

Foot-licking is one of the numerous ways in which cats express their affection. This is not always the most pleasurable experience, given their rough tongues, but it usually stems from a place of love. When our furry companions are newborns and in the early stages of growth, their mothers lick them to show how much they care for them.

As they mature, they recognize that this is a form of expression of love and adoration. If you’re wondering why they precisely lick your feet, the answer is simple; your feet are the most accessible to them.

You will mainly experience this when they attempt to attract your attention while standing or strolling. That being said, some feet-licking here and there is no cause for alarm. However, if they become obsessed with licking your feet, it is best to seek medical advice from a veterinarian to rule out the possibility of any serious problem.

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  • The Cat Is Marking Their Territory

Despite thousands of years of domestication, housecats maintain instincts, one of which is the drive to mark their territory, which is their owner. The felines use the feet-licking strategy to alert other cats not to come close to their caregiver. They can do this because their saliva has a distinct smell. When other cats notice this smell when they get close to you, they immediately retract because the smell indicates that another cat owns you.

Although this behavior is adorable, it can cause conflict in homes with more than one cat when they are all trying to get your immediate attention. In these instances, the best way to avoid fighting is to ensure that all cats receive an equal amount of attention. 

  • Your Cat Is Communicating That They Are Sick or Uncomfortable

Because cats cannot articulate themselves when distressed or ill, they must rely on other techniques to communicate with you. They achieve this in a variety of methods. One of the methods is licking your feet which alleviates their discomfort.

When cats lick their owners, endorphins are released, causing them to feel relaxed. If they feel uneasy, they may lick your feet to ascertain that you both are connected. Additionally, your scent may give them the comfort and relaxation that they need.

Of course, determining why they’re licking you is not always straightforward. However, if the licking is unusual or has become a routine, it could be that they are communicating that they are ailing.

Evaluate whether any outside factors are causing your cat anxiety, such as dramatic changes in their surroundings. Nonetheless, a veterinarian appointment for a check-up may be the best alternative.

  • Your Cat Is Demonstrating To You How to Groom Yourself Properly

By licking your feet, your furry friend teaches you what it perceives to be an instrumental skill in life, grooming. This is a meaningful compliment. Kittens learn how to groom from their parents, and when their maternal instinct kicks in, they may attempt to teach you. It is a way of showing their caretakers that they care while also expressing trust.

How to Stop Your Cat From Licking Your Feet

If you are not comfortable with your cat licking your feet, ignoring them is the first step to take. If you do not provide enough positive responses, your cat will perceive that you are not enjoying or interested in the gesture. Suppose they keep going even after you ignore them, apply a body oil with a citrus scent. Cats detest this scent and will refrain from licking your toes if they notice it.

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Why Does My Cat Repeatedly Step on My Toes?

When kittens notice slight movements, their playing impulses typically step in, and they use their skills on whatever is in front of them. Regrettably, your feet usually move involuntarily, whether in bed or when you are passing by them.

Why Do Cats Sleep in Such Close Proximity to My Feet?

Cats are most vulnerable when they are asleep. Cats close to their owners tend to sleep close to their owner’s feet because it gives them a sense of security. Additionally, your scent may provide them with a lot of comfort.


It isn’t easy to believe that a simple practice like foot-licking could have such a wide range of connotations. Cats, on the other hand, are not recognized for their logic. Licking, not just your feet but generally any body part, is the most popular method for cats to communicate themselves, and they do this without malice. As a cat owner, it’s critical to understand how often the licking happens to determine whether it’s an issue.