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Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night?

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night?

A cat can be a mysterious creature, and you may never know every facet of its personality for as long as you own it. Today, it is all friendly and warm, and tomorrow, it wants nothing to do with you. However, a few things are true about a cat’s nature, and it may help you understand why your cat only cuddles you at night.

Typically, a cat has only its interests at heart. So, whatever it is doing is for its good, not yours. As much as it may love you, it may never displease itself to please you. Another fact is that a cat does not like your scent. It is not peculiar to you; it is a general thing. Cats do not like the human scent. Also, a cat does not like cuddling. Now, you may be wondering why your cat cuddles at all.

A cat will only cuddle you if it is feeling lonely or wants attention. You may find it cuddling you only at night because it wants some company. This is the primary reason you get that kind of attention from your cat, especially at night. Otherwise, it will rest on its litter and sleep away the night.

It should not be unusual in the morning following the night spent cuddling you to see the cat furiously licking its fur. The purpose is to rid itself of your scent; remember how cats do not like the human scent? It may also use that opportunity to groom itself, but it is mainly to smell better.

Cat sleeping

Other Reasons Your Cat Only Cuddles at Night

Apart from wanting company or attention, even if it is for a brief period, there are other reasons your cat may cuddle you only at night.

  • Anxiety

In some cases, a scared or anxious cat may stay away from you in some cases. Cats tend to be reserved, but you may find some of them wanting to climb all over you and onto any object they find. It is crucial to know the typical behavior of your cat so that you will easily pick any behavioral change.

If your cat has not always been one to sleep with you but suddenly starts cuddling you at night, it is time to check for anxiety or depression. It may also point to stress originating from an ailment or external stimulus. Watch for other odd things it may be doing, such as not eating well, lethargy, a switch in how it likes its litter box, and other things.

Your presence and attention may be giving it some relief, or it may be drawing your attention to its discomfort. Therefore, you must take it to a vet to determine whether or not it is sick. Other causes may exist, but it is better to rule out illness.

  • Safety

If you live alone with your cat, you may notice it will draw to you more when it is nighttime. The reason is that it feels safer with you when it is dark. During the day, it may not need your presence or attention so much. This is especially true if it has lots of toys and TV shows that keep it busy or even other pets around the area.

However, when it is getting dark, it may begin to get a little jittery, wanting the assurance of your closeness. It should be nothing to worry about unless it is a new behavior. Then, you should visit a doctor to discover whether your cat needs medical attention.

Cat sleeps
  • Warmth

Your cat may be feeling cold, though you may not know it. The heat from your body may be solving its immediate needs, especially when the temperature drops at night. If you find your cat cuddling you only at night, try to understand its needs as it concerns the room temperature.

Your cat may sleep in the same room as you, and using an air conditioner will lower the temperature. When your cat feels cold, it will crawl up to your bed and nestle close to you. Fixing the problem may be as simple as increasing the AC’s set temperature, turning it off, or shutting a few windows.

A cat has a hard time keeping warm by itself, so it will need external help to maintain warmth. This fact is especially true in the cold months, so do not be surprised if your cat suddenly starts cuddling you at night.

You may be interested to know your cat likes your soft bed as much as you. It may be cuddling you at night because of your bed. Though it sounds simple and not quite believable, you may want to know that cats enjoy a comfortable life. Your bed may be more enticing than its bed.

  • Affection

Cats are not typically affectionate, at least not the way dogs are. They tend to mind their business and appear aloof, even when they love you. However, they can show much affection if they are so inclined, especially when you are their primary caregiver and have been absent for some time.

Sometimes, it may welcome you at the door and rub against your legs or climb onto your lap. Other times, it will wait until bedtime to climb on you and cuddle. There’s nothing you can do but snuggle it and let it sleep for now. It is only showing love and how much it has missed you.

Cat sleeps

Choosing Your Cat

If you care a lot about whether or not your cat cuddles only at night, you may want to check the cat species before choosing one. Some cats are more responsive than others, affecting how affectionate they are toward you. Also, getting a cat from a shelter may affect how it responds. A cat that has had a hard life may take some time recovering before it shows any kind of affection.

However, getting a kitten straight from its mother’s breast may be different. Such a kitten has not been conditioned to be a certain way, so it is up to you to train it the way you want. Spend time paying attention to it, cuddling, and caring for it; that way, it will respond in a much warmer manner.

If your cat chooses to cuddle only at night, you may have to accept it that way. You must find out if the cuddling is associated with any illness or depression, or anxiety. When you eliminate these, you can relax and enjoy the time and attention you get from your cat.


Choosing the right breed and starting with a kitten can help you build a close relationship with your cat. However, this choice is out of your control sometimes, and you can only make do with what you have. 

So, if you ask yourself, ‘why does my cat only cuddle at night,’ it may be because that is how it naturally is. It may also be due to illness, stress, or anxiety. Other times, it may be searching for warmth, safety, or attention. A few times, the cuddle is its way of showing affection and letting you know it loves you. Ensure you determine the reason so that your cat does not suffer in silence.